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    Calculations Diagram or Skript

    Jan Lederer

      Hi Guys,


      i´m relative new to Qlikview but already figured some stuff out.

      I have a question regarding calculation in a Skript or Diagram (I probably would prefer the Skript Version).

      I got a Field which is called "STATUS" (Fetching it throug a SQL Server with OLE DB) - in that there are the entries: "CAT1", "CAT2, "CAT3", "CAT4", "OC" and "-". The goal is to sum up the numbers of each of them within in the field. At the end I want to be able to make something like that: (Number of strings with (CAT2)) /(Number of strings with(CAT2, CAT3)) for example.


      I really would appreciate your help!



      Best regards,