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    Show the last 12 weeks of Current Day of the Week

    Alex Tomlins

      Hi All,


      First post here and very new at qlik. I am trying to get the last 12 Mon, Tue, Wed etc based on current date. So for example today is Tuesday and so in the chart you would see a bar of Sales/Revenue GBP for the last 12 weeks.


      I haven't started on the last 12 stuff but i was working on;


      Sum({$<[WKDYValue]= {weekday(today(0))}>}[Revenue GBP])


      (WKDYValue is a column converting my main date into Mon, Tue, Wed in the load it is set as ...Weekday([Date]) As WKDYValue,)


      I am very very new to this and have only been properly learning for a few weeks - I'm not actually a coder in any way so bear with me