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    SAP Report Connector, some do not "Get" even Select Options work

    Atsushi Saijo

      I started experimenting SAP Report Connector, and some report do not get any result sets, regardless to the fact we get selection criteria when I click "Select Options".


      For example, FS10N (ABAP=RFGLBALANCE) is an ALV report. When I click "Select Options", I get selection criteria. So I put BUKRS, GJAHR, SAKNR, CURTP, then press "GET", and nothing emerges.

      Dev 04-Jul-17 1  82.00.jpg

      Same goes for:

      •S_ALR_87012168 (for customers) → ABAP = GP00O2TLW38DG25Y9RSS0R5L0ZX

      •S_ALR_87012078 (for vendors) → ABAP =


      Nothing happens.

      Dev 04-Jul-17 1  41.39.shf.jpg

      But trying the ABAP RFDOPO10 in the example in the manual, I get successful extraction into QVD.

      Dev 04-Jul-17 1  61.57.jpg

      So here is the question:

      • Why there are some reports, that works, and others that does not work? What is the criteria to make it work?


      I should highly apprecaite for your feedback in advance.

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          Tomas Sommergyll

          Hi Atsushi,


          I have reproduced the behavior you encounter.


          Sometimes a report does not generate a spool file in SAP which is needed by the Report Connector and it cannot therefore present any table data. If pressing the "Get"-button in the main UI, an alert dialog will pop up and notify the user about the missing spool file. However, I noticed that entering the "Select Report Options"-dialog for the same report, there is no alert dialog in this case when pressing the "Get"-button there.


          Unfortunately, there is currently no entry in the log file for this error message. Both issues will be rectified in a future release.


          Update: Another reason you won't get a spool request is because of wrong user authority in SAP. Also, in some reports it is necessary to enter a variable value (in the Select Report Options-dialog).




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            klayton Barros

            Hi Atsushi,

            What procedure is followed for the result of setting the report options to be displayed

            Thanks in advance