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    what wrong with my expresssion

    naveen kumar


                i am trying to display Single material supplied by multiple vendor


      Dimensions: Material , Vendor Name ,Vendor Code


      expressions i tried  are :


      Num(Sum({<SCOPE={'Yes'},MATL_TYPE={'HALB','ROH'},Material={"=Count(Distinct [VENDOR CODE])>1"}>}Spend)/100,'#,##0 ')


      If(Count(distinct TOTAL <Material> [VENDOR CODE])>1,Sum({<SCOPE={'Yes'},MATL_TYPE={'HALB','ROH'}>}SPEND))


      Num(Sum({<SCOPE={'Yes'},MATL_TYPE={'HALB','ROH'},Material={"=Count(Distinct [VENDOR CODE])>1"}>}VOLUME)/100,'#,##0 ')

      But  the expressions not giving me correct o/p


      even though the vendor name and vendor code are same but they are two different materials ,they should be considered when i am showing Multi sourced  vendors  because each material as only one supplier..

      can any one help in this plz