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    Qlikview does not recognise Direct Discovery Syntax

    Michael Ionkin

      I tried to use the Direct Discovery Method under QlikView 11.2 with the following syntax:


      ODBC CONNECT32 TO [MS Access Database;DBQ=\\ksafsp01\KSAGDAT\IT\01_Alle\001_Projekte\610_SmartScanning\Abgespeicherte_Dokumente.accdb];


      Direct QUERY





      FROM tblUnterschriebene_Speditionsaufträge;


      I looked through several forum-entries and tried it with different databases without success.

      Qlikview somehow does not recognise the Syntax because "DIRECT" becomes blue but "QUERY" not.

      I am using QlikView Private edition version 11.2. Is this the problem? Furthermore, when opening a qlikview file, I have a choice between two qlikview versions:

      Both versions do not succeed with the direct query syntax.