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    curve fitting / best fit curve - least squares method ?

    Fabien Gaiffe

      Hi dear community of Qlikers !


      You'll find enclosed the excel table I'm referring for this issue, and the qlik sense app related.


      So ! As you will see, I have a quite simple table with three raws : Product type, Year and Sales. I draw on Qlik Sense the visualization showing the evolution of the sales per year and per Product type. So far, so good.

      If you look carefully at the data, I don't have any Sales figure for product type D, in 2010. It's intentionnal. As we can see, the red curve of product D is quite similar to the blue curve of product A, but way different of the profiles of the curves for product B and C.


      What i would like to do is finding a way in Qlik Sense to find which Product type has had the most similar Sales evolution to my product D (in our case, we can see it, it's product A). Secondly, if this is possible, I would like to "forecast" the evolution of product D, based on the evolution of this most similar curve.

      I guess I will have to use like a least squares method or something, but I really don't figure out how to perform it...


      I hope I have been clear in my description ! Don't hesitate to ask me more precisions if not.


      And thanks so much in advance for your help.


      Long life to Qlik comunity and the cooperation it brings !!