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    Remove Metadata Before Store QVDs

    Michele De Nardi

      Hi experts,

      i'm using the REST connector to retrieve some statistics from the web and store them into QVDs.


      Loading these QVDs as XML file i've seen they contains a table named LineageInfo (Load * FROM [MyQvd.qvd] (XmlSimple, Table is [QvdTableHeader/Lineage/LineageInfo])) which is populated with lot of metadata info (generated by the REST connector.) that i don't care to keep.

      2017-07-05 11_51_21-QlikView x64 Personal Edition - [C__Users_Michele.Denardi_Desktop_aaa.qvw_].png


      The only way i've found to "clean" my QVDs from these information is to re-load them after the download procedure and overwrite the existing QVDs (doing this the LineageInfo table is dropped and the QVD size is drastically reduced, from 3Mb to 10Kb).


      This way to drop metadata info is very impratical and i would like to know if there is a best way to remove this information before doing the QVD Store. Something like "Drop Metadata" statement.

      I've already tried to make a resident load of the data (before storing the qvd and specifying each field) but the metadata information are maintained


      Anybody can help me on this ?