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    Problem with variable evaluation

    Mike Grattan

      I have variables set up for the following calculations:


      I am displaying these variables via Master Measures in a straight table in Qlik Sense 3.1


      Variable Name:  vBPHYr2


      Sum({$<Year = {"$(=max({1} Year)-1)"}>} HoursWorked) /

      Sum({$<RecordType={'RECEIPT'},Year = {"$(=max({1} Year)-1)"}>} UnitsReceived)


      This gets me a "Boxes Per Hour" value that evaluates correctly. For example, I get a value of 5.83 for the selected Product.


      Variable Name:  vBPHYr3


      Sum({$<Year = {"$(=max({1} Year)-2)"}>} HoursWorked) /

      Sum({$<RecordType={'RECEIPT'},Year = {"$(=max({1} Year)-2)"}>} UnitsReceived)


      Evaluates correctly as 5.10 for the specified year and selected Product.


      Variable Name: vBPHYr2_Var

      Definition:  $(vBPHYr3) - $(vBPHYr2)


      Evaluates correctly as 0.72


      Now I want to take vBPHYr2_Var and divide by vBPHYr3 to get the variance as a percentage.


      Variable Name:  vBPHYr2_Var%

      Definition:  $(vBPHYr2_Var) / $(vBPHYr3)


      This evaluates to 0


      Please advise.


      Thank you.