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    Create a list of values to calculate the IRR

    Michael Adolph

      Hi everybody,


      if got a rather basic Qlik problem I can't get my head around:

      I'd like to be able to select some values from which I can calculate a payment rate p, some other selections will result in an investement i and I'm able to chose the duration of payments d. From this I'd like to calculate the IRR.


      I'd assume that the RangeIRR function is the method to go, therefore I'd have to create a value list to supply to the RangeIRR function, but I can't figure out how.


      As an example:

      with i = -2000, p = 800 and d = 5 I must call this function: RangeIRR(-2000, 800,800,800,800,800) (800 is included d times).


      Could anybody give me a hint how to calcuate this? Please keep in mind that all three values are variables. Furthermore this can not be done in the data model.


      kind regards