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    NPrinting table fields not staying put!

    Jay Fitchett

      Hi folks,

      I'm having some issues with a chart in NPrinting when trying to create an Excel report. I'm using NPrinting version 17.3 and Sense enterprise version 3.2 SR1. When I create the table in Sense, everything is fine - the data is good. When I bring the table into the designer and insert the table into a chart, NPrinting is moving my columns around.


      Here's what it looks like in designer:



      And here's what it looks like when I preview the report in Excel:



      It's not just the "Open Actions" field. When I remove it, or create a chart with only a few of the columns, they still get jumbled up. What I've tried:
           - Create new Nprinting report

           - Create a new table in Sense and use it in both the original report and the new one

           - Remove several of the column from the chart in Sense, then use that chart in both reports

           - Restarting both the NPrinting and Sense services


      It only started happening after I added the "Action Details" field to my Sense model and then to the NPrinting report. I've tried removing it from the table in Sense, removing it from my Sense data model completely, and still the chart messes with my fields.


      Has anyone experienced this behaviour this type of behaviour? I'm really at a loss. Any help would be appreciated!!

        • Re: NPrinting table fields not staying put!
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          This was a known issue in NPrinting 17.3 and earlier. Try to upgrade to NPrinting June 2017 as the bug should be resolved there.


          Columns in final reports was in a different order than in original Qlik Sense table Jira issue ID: OP-5225 Reports that contained Qlik Sense tables sometimes had columns re-ordered.





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