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    Hide object on report NPrinting

    Talita Verdes

      Good afternoon!

      I have a power point report generated in NPrinting. I need to hide an object depending on the value of the variable.


      If vVar = 1 then object visible in the report else object hidden.

      What I did but did not work, the object is always visible.

      1. I created the variable
      2. I created conditional expression
      3. I created filters in NPrinting to set the value of the variable
      4. I created the report using Preview after selecting the filters manually.

      What can I do?

      I need this report to be generated in power point.


        • Re: Hide object on report NPrinting
          Bala Bhaskar

          There are a couple of possible options.


          You can add another version of the object on the tab, have the report point to that object and then hid the object.  To the end user, it will look the same but the object will then be on the report.


          Another option would be to create a new tab, place a copy of the object on the new tab, have the report point to the object and then hide the tab.


          Regardless of the options above, it is important to make sure you bring the object into NPrinting before doing any hiding