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    Problems to see percentage of participation per client and acumulate it.

    Alvaro Garcia

      Hi everyone ,


      I have problems to calculate  "% of participation per client"


      The calculation what i use is:


      SUM({<[Sales YTD]={1}>}[Net Sales])/SUM({<[Sales YTD]={1},[Client Name]=>}[Net Sales])


      If i divide the metric in two:


      • SUM({<[Sales YTD]={1}>}[Net Sales])

                          Show net sale year to date based in selection


      • SUM({<[Sales YTD]={1},[Client Name]=>}[Net Sales])

                          Show total net sale year to date ignoring selections ( In this case total net sales)


      But when i put this two metrics in a table with Clients, both metrics show the same number and of course if i use the firsth complete metric the result is always 1.


      My objective with that is obtain the "% of participation per client" acumulated.


      Is this posible ?


      Thanks in advanced.