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    How to show totals row for all dimensions in pivot table

    Elizabeth Oram



      I'm working on an app that will mostly be used by a TCO team, so I have several different places where I'm using a pivot table to be able to slice and dice spending data. I've organized the pivot table with the date dimension in columns, and multiple dimensions in rows, that can be moved around and filtered down with selections.


      Right now, only the first dimension I added (Application Name) has an option to show a totals row, so if you're viewing the table with any other dimension in front of it, the totals row disappears. Is there a way to keep a totals row on top, no matter how I choose to order the dimensions? My company is really anti-extensions unless they're absolutely 100% the only way to fix a problem, so I'm really hoping to fix this just with the regular QlikSense functionality. I'm currently using 3.0.1.


      Attaching a couple of screenshots to illustrate the problem.


      Anybody know any way to fix this?