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    Manual Remap in QlikSense: works in Bubble Layer but not in Chart Layer

    Denis Pustovit

      Using the same dimension for Bubble Layer and Chart Layer I've fount out, that the manual remap does perfectly work in the first case but fails in the second.



      Area Layer -> Dimension: German Administrative Regions (loaded in German); Location ID: 1 => shows German Administrative Regions  with different colors


      Bubble Layer -> Dimension: German Administrative Regions; Location, Size: nothing => shows bubbles overs German Administrative Regions except for Oberfranken (Upper Franconia).

           Solution: Bubble Layer -> Location Options -> Manual Remap: "Oberfranken":"Upper Franconia" -> this solves the problem.

      Chart Layer -> Dimension1 and Dimension2: German Administrative Regions; Location,Chart Values, Size: =count(PLZ) => shows Pie Charts over every German Administrative Region except for Oberfranken.

            Setting Manual Remap to "Oberfranken":"Upper Franconia" does not help.

      Any ideas why MANUAL REMAP works in the Bubble Layer and does not work in Chart Layer?


      QGA Version:  GeoAnalyticsForQlikSenseServerNo5.8.1

      Qlik Sense: 3.2 SR4