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    Star is *; in Section Access

    Christian Schmitz

      Hi, I am curious about the Star is *; Statement in Section Access, what is it doing? I am well aware of the fact, that a "*" in Section Access, does only mean that all values which are in this table available will be shown. Which is not the same as all values which are existing.


      So anybody has an idea? There is also another thread, which did not answer the exact question what this statement is doing.



      Section Access;

      [QV Auth]:
      NoConcatenate LOAD * Resident QV_Auth_Pre;

      Section Application;
      Star is *; // Required If Wildcard Characters Are Used in SA
      LOAD * INLINE [ ...];

        • Re: Star is *; in Section Access
          andy whitfield

          Hi christian,


          here you go:



          The string used for representing the set of all the values of a field in the database can be set through the star statement. It affects the subsequent LOAD and SELECT statements.


          Star is[ string ]




          An arbitrary text. Note that the string must be enclosed by quotation marks if it contains blanks.

          If nothing is specified, star is; is assumed, i.e. there is no star symbol available unless explicitly specified. This definition is valid until a new star statement is made.