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    App Will Not Load

    Walsall Waterfront

      Hi All

      I have been given some Qlik Cloud apps to use but I can not get them to load on my computer, they all get stuck on loading and just give me the image below.  What am I doing wrong?


      I'm using Google Chrome 59.


      Setting Up.jpg

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          Robert Hutchings



          I've had this issue since the Cloud upgrade to June 2017


          The streams are still mostly fine but the workspaces Apps won't open


          So the cloud has gone from great back to not good enough again. Please Qlik get this sorted.


          NB I don't use the Rest connector




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              Robert Hutchings

              ok I think I've found a solution. using firefox


              If the App is published I need to publish changes (even if I haven't made any) and then I can open the App in the workspace


              Edit. This seems to work with Business cloud. But I could not open the My Work apps NB The published Apps (both MyStream and Business Streams) opened as they should.

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                  Robert Hutchings

                  But this only worked in Firefox.


                  I tried Edge and it didn't work. Once published it would not open in the workspace


                  Chrome seems to work for Cloud Business. But not for the free cloud - My work doesn't open (My Stream opened)


                  I also tried Explorer. The business cloud seemed to all work OK. But I couldn't open my Work Apps or My Stream Apps