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    NPrinting 17 – is a subreport concept possible

    Kris Markee

      We were told by a Qlik rep that there should be a way to implement a subreport concept within a single NPrinting report and I have seen a few discussions about Cycling vs Bursting which imply that a subreport concept can also be done in relation to those concepts but there isn't enough detail there to understand how to achieve it.  For example, I am basically talking about having 2 qlikview chart objects serve as 2 subreports within a single Pixel Perfect NP report (I’ll call them A and B for simplicity) where some users see only report A, some only see report B and some see both reports A and B.  I’ve done some experimentation to prove this out but am failing; I tried variations of my data model to code my users with report flags, using the Filter String under the Data property node for DetailReport sections, and using filters on my users in the NP web console.  Has anyone done anything like this or have suggestions on how to accomplish it? Thanks.