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    help on set analysi exp

    ij qlik

      Hi All, I need help on this below set analysis. All I need is for few of the column I need to show "PASS" or "Fail" based on Metricvlaue.If any of the value contains I need to show "Fail" only.else remaing values. somehow it is not working.






      MetricIndexvlaue={'FAIL'},MetricIndexPeriod = {'$(=$(v_previous_month))'}>}Metricvlaue)>0,'Fail','PASS'),

      sum({<MetricPeriod = {'$(=$(v_previous_month))'}>}Metricvlaue)

      /count({$<MetricPlant-={'M6'}>}distinct MetricPlant)

        • Re: help on set analysi exp
          Dan Sullivan

          looks like you need a final parenthesis on the end:


          if(count({<MetricName={'M1','M2','M3','M4'},MetricIndexvlaue={'FAIL'},MetricIndexPeriod ={'$(=$(v_previous_month))'}>}Metricvlaue)    >0


          sum({<MetricPeriod = {'$(=$(v_previous_month))'}>}Metricvlaue)

          /count({$<MetricPlant-={'M6'}>}distinct MetricPlant))