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        Peter Cammaert

        What do you mean by "clean up Named cal's in QV 12"?


        In theory, once a Named CAL has been assigned, it stays assigned (except if the QlikView user leaves the company).

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            Varun Chellamuthu

            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for the reply.


            I believe we can delete the Named Cal's from the QMC. The problem is i need some automated way of doing it instead of cleaning it up manually.

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                Peter Cammaert

                Well the fact that you can delete them doesn't mean that you are allowed to. Check your license agreement.


                There used to be a great CAL management tool available that automated the recovery and cleanup of unused CALs. Qlik decided to remove the Resource library page from the community, because the tool - while perfectly legal in its own right (it only used documented API routines) - could be used for purposes that violated the licensing terms.


                I guess it will become more and more difficult to execute these kinds of management tasks in the coming QlikView Server versions. Just like the PowerTools cannot be used anymore to do in QV12 what was perfectly possible in earlier releases.



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              Bala Bhaskar

              May be this:


              Make sure you do not delete or rename files before removing the license assignments, or you may lose them. Note that in case you missed the username in favor of another username, you will have to wait 24 hours before change the assignment to the correct user.


              If you look at the power tools the command below removes inactive CALs and I believe the power tools are set at 30 days. So, I would think if you look at the API manual you should be able to find the API call you are looking for.


              -r, --remove=CAL|DMS       Remove specified users or inactive CALs [CAL|DMS].