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    Florian Meinel

      Goo day everyone!


      I created a new App in QS (first time, normally IT would do so). Via drag&drop I added an xls file, all good. Now I wonder: How do i change the data? Do I have to upload a new file overtime data change (in the past IT stored and connected them, not this time hence me being lost).


      Apologies for this beginners question,



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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Click on the Navigation button (top left). In there, go to "Data load editor" and click on that.

          The script editor will open. No worries; you should not need to do anything here at all.

          In the top right corner, click on "Load data". That should do it.

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            Dan Sullivan

            If you update the excel file a normal Load Data of the app won't work since the file is attached.  You will need to go into the Load Editor and under the connections look for 'Attached Files'.  Drag and drop to replace the old excel file with the newly updated one.    You can then hit 'cancel' not insert script.  Now hit load data and the new rows or updated data should populate.

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                Onno van Knotsenburg

                Files are never attached in Qlik. As you know, Qlik loads the data from the file. Qlik only keeps connection data to that file. You can delete the XLS file and the app would continue working.

                If the content of that XLS file changes, the only thing you need to do is run the script again.

                If the name of the XLS file changes, sure, then you need to do some maintenance. But that would not be a smart way of working as that means you end up having to update your app every time you change the XLS file.


                Same file, updated data? Just run the script again.