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    NPrinting June 2017 Upgrade - Schedular Service

    Danijel Horvat



      after Upgrade from 17.3.1 to June 2017 we have the problem, that the Schedular Service won't start.


      After trying with restart services and machine, Updating .net Framework, it doesn't start.


      In Log Files i get following error:

      "Unable to start SchedulerService: exception of type System.Net.WebException↓ Die Verbindung mit dem Remoteserver kann nicht hergestellt werden. ("Unable to connect to the remote server")


      The Service User is local admin from domain, has a QlikView User Cal, is rootadmin on our QlikSense Server.


      With 17.3.1 it worked without problems.


      has Someone a tip or a idea for me?



        • Re: NPrinting June 2017 Upgrade - Schedular Service
          Ruggero Piccoli

          It seems a QlikNPrintingMessagingService problem.



          1. Be sure that QlikNPrintingMessagingService is up and running
          2. If previous step is ok, stop the Qlik NPrinting Windows services, open the folder C:\Windows on the Qlik NPrinting Server computer. Copy the file .erlang.cookie and paste it into the folder C:\Users\UserWhoRunsTheQlikNPrintingServices. Remove the same file if already present. Then restart the Qlik NPrinting Windows services.
          3. If step no.2 doesn't resolve, check this Troubleshooting ‒ Qlik NPrinting


          Best Regards,



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