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    colour coding in Maps

    Florian Meinel

      Dear all,


      thanks for your outstanding support so far, I am now almost there...


      I have imported all my customers now into a map. Those customers can be grouped in certain categories which i did in the xls as "Cgroup". There are 12 different groups and I would like them to be colour coded differently - is there a way to do so via scripting in Appearance --> Colours and legend --> Expression?


      I have tried via dimensions (Cgroup) but there for some groups had inconsistent colours, whilst some others were consistent. Not sure what I have done there but hence my question to go via Scripting?


      Not sure if this makes sense at all, but thought I'd ask.


      Thanks again for your patience,



        • Re: colour coding in Maps
          Dan Sullivan

          In the properties panel of the map go under Appearance and then Colors and legend.  switch to 'by expression'.  then put in your formula.




          IF(Cgroup = 'Red Team', Red(),

          IF(Cgroup = 'Blue Team', Blue(),

          ...... ))


          You can also select by dimension in the coloring option if you are using that dimension in the map.