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    Invoking Expression editor from AngularJS based custom property

    Darius Pranskus



      I am creating a QlikSense extension and using AngularJS approach to create custom property editor. I created my component with template and controller. Everything is working almost fine. What I want to do is to invoke expression editor on button click.


      What I need to achieve is to build hierarchical structure and show it in a treeview and then when the user selects a node I want to show a couple of text inputs with "Fx" button which invokes expression editor.


      Another approach I am thinking of would be to combine both AngularJS and standard Qlik way. But I would want to know how would it be possible to bind standard Qlik property editors with non-persistable variables and then persist them through AngularJS controller.


      The first approach looks easier to me, but I am open to any suggestions.


      Many thanks