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    Dynamically load certain date by user selection

    Adam Brian

      Hi All,


      I new in Qlik Sense. Have a  situation where I have to develop a qlik sense application which i need to reload based on user date range selected and then start the reload process. Data will only show based on date range selected only.


      Database example :

      ID, Date,











      For example user select range date from 10/07/2017 until 13/07/2017. The result will show only the range selected. Can we create like that?




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          Martin Pohl

          Hello Adam,


          think Qlik, not SQL!

          In Qlik you have all datas in your application.

          By selecting datas (e.g. the date) all linked daats are reduce to these datas.



          bytheway: you can select datas in numeric fields (like a date >=10/10/2017<=13/03/2017

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            kiran ch

            Hi Adam,

            Qlik can support huge data, but remember it all depends on the server configuration it depends on.

            Qlik requires a good RAM as it is IN-Memory.

            For your requirement you can take the Dates range selection extension and default your data to some dates

            and later it can be changed by the user.

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              j i

              Hello Adam,


              I recommend you take a step back and think thoroughly about your requirement. Creating a decent Qlik Sense model takes time and the more you spend in designing your model, the more the users will thank you in the future.

              As AB BC mentioned, a Qlik Sense server will support big amounts of data but of course this depends on server capacity and how big your data is. You should also spend some time understanding the QIX engine. This will help you create an optimise model.


              From here we can give you pointers but you should give us more insight on your requirements, environment, data, etc.


              I hope this helps.