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    NTFS and DMS Authorization in QMC

    Anjali Ahlawat

      Hi All,


      Can anybody tell what is the difference between NTFS and DMS authorization in QMC?



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          Peter Cammaert

          NTFS authorization means that access (permissions) to QlikView documents are managed by way of NTFS rights. The main consequence towards QlikView users is that a user should exist in AD  or you cannot assign NTFS rights.


          DMS authorization means that QlikView itself will manage access & permissions to QlikView documents. This has a big impact with respect to what you are now able to do for QlikView users:

          • Document rights can be assigned in the QMC (you cannot do that with NTFS authorization)
          • Also non-AD users can be granted access to QlikView documents (for example Custom Directory users)
          • Document permissions are more fine-grained and integrated in the QlikView Management procedures.





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            vikas mahajan

            NTFS - Windows will manage users you need not create separate user and password for qlikview.

            DMS  - You can create your own users & password (CustomDirectory.xml) and qlikview will authenticate the same.



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              Muthu Kumar

              NTFS - Windows will manage the users, If you see the properties of the application which is deployed you can find the users list.


              DMS - Qlikview will control the file, In this method once the application is deployed we have to manually add the users under user documents --> Applicaiton --> authorization. in this Qlikview will keep the list of users which is stored in .meta file.


              Authorization tab will be enabled only in DMS authorization.

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                Mangal Kamble

                if you are using enterprise edition then after enabling DMS mode you don't need to worry whether user is added in local folder security , it will be taken care.


                Using DMS is good option , you just need to take care of user documents --> Applicaiton --> authorization and don't need to worry about local folder access