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    csum + order by + contribution

    Роман Хаитов

      Good afternoon!

      I need your help!

      Please please) I'm new to Qlik Sense.

      I need to get the contribution, and then the total amount. But before that, sort the measure (with the contribution) in descending order. All this I want to do for three measures in one dimension.


      For example:



      LOAD * Inline [

          Category, Opsum1, Opsum2, Opsum3

          'A', 150, 300, 58

          'B', 100, 250, 30

          'C', 200, 208, 88

          'D', 153, 400, 65



      column 1 (first measure):



      column 2 (contribution):

      Sum(Opsum1) / Sum(Total Opsum1)


      column 3 (rank for order by):

      Rank(Sum(Opsum1)/Sum(total Opsum1))


      column 4 (Cumulative with order by) uncorrectly:


      Sum(Opsum1)/Sum(total Opsum1)

      ), 0, Rank(Sum(Opsum1)/Sum(total Opsum1)) ))


      For last column i want get to example from excel screenshot.


      I can not use the sorting of dimension in the measure, since I want to get a cumulative sum of three measures(opsum1, opsum2, opsum3)


      Thank you!