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    Map Chart in QlikSense

    Saima SM

      Hi All,


      I am working in QlikSense (Server version). I want to create a map chart. I have following data








      I want to show my office names in OfficeNeighbourhood on map with some measures like TotalSales from other associated tables.


      Can any body help to do this in QlikSense Server. Thanks

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          Mark Ritter

          You may need longitude and latitude values for each location.


          Or if you load your data using the Data Manager Qlik will recognize certain fields as being mapping fields based on their names.  In your case I believe that you would need to rename your fields so that Qlik would be able to do this.

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            Andy Weir

            If you use the basic map them you need to derive the long and lat values which given the limited set of data should be achievable.  of you don't want to do that then look at geo analytics add on as it has built in functions for deriving gel locations off zip code, country code for example.