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    An error occurred - Unsupported file format

    Pat Buchanan

      I'm using Qlik Sense 3.2 SR4 and have had several apps that are published that have stopped working with my daily reload tasks and not open when I try to open them in the published stream.  I just get an message saying 'An error occurred - Unsupported file format'




      I keep a copy of the apps in my work folder and I go to that app and it works fine and it lets me reload but when I try to republish this app it gives me the same error 'An error occurred - Unsupported file format'.  The only solution I've found is to delete the Published app and re-copy/publish the app from my work folder but that gives me a new appid and breaks the links/shortcuts that the users have already made which they are giving me push back on...

      I looked in Chrome and see this too:


      My app also uses Section Access:

      Section Access;

      Load * Inline [


        ADMIN , INTERNAL\SA_ENGINE , * , * ,

        ADMIN , INTERNAL\SA_HUB , * , * ,

        ADMIN , INTERNAL\SA_PRINTING , * , * ,

        ADMIN , INTERNAL\SA_PROXY , * , * ,

        ADMIN , INTERNAL\SA_QLIKVIEW , * , * ,




        ADMIN , CORP\User1, * , * ,

        ADMIN ,   CORP\User2, * , * ,

        ADMIN ,   CORP\User3, * , * ,

        ADMIN ,   CORP\User4, * , * ,

        ADMIN ,   CORP\User5, * , * ,

        USER ,   CORP\User6, * , 'TERRITORY 2' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User6, * , 'TERRITORY 2 MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User7, * , 'TERRITORY 3' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User7, * , 'TERRITORY 3 MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User8, * , 'TERRITORY 1' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User8 , * , 'TERRITORY 1 MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User9, * , 'TERRITORY 4' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User9, * , 'ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User9, * , 'TERRITORY 4 MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User10, * , 'K12 ACCOUNTS LARGE > 40K' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User10, * , 'K12 ACCOUNTS LARGE > 40K MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User11, * , 'EDU TECH' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User11, * , 'EDU TECH MANAGER' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User12, * , 'ONBOARDING' ,

        USER ,   CORP\User12, * , 'ONBOARDING MANAGER' ,

        USER , CORP\User13, * , 'ONBOARDING' ,

        USER , CORP\User13 , * , 'ONBOARDING MANAGER' ,




      Section Application;

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Pat -


          Just to clarify - is this using Qlik Sense Cloud Business? - as you posted this discussion in the cloud section.


          I am aware that Qlik Sense Cloud - does not yet support Section Access - can you remove the section access statements - and see if this error no longer occurs - if you are using cloud - I am suspecting this may be causing the issue. I also put another set of eyes on this - just in case. kha





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          Mike Tarallo


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              Pat Buchanan

              Also, to note I can duplicate the app that is not working from the QMC and then it opens fine in my work location

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                  Tom Brancazio

                  Hi Pat, has there been any further communication around this from Qlik in the past 2 or so weeks?


                  I received this error for the first time today on a new application build that I published to a stream.  We have been on Sense Server platform for over a year, and have been on Sense 3.1.5 since February, with plans to move to June 2017 soon.


                  The application also included a section access model that we use in quite a few application builds.  I duplicated the app and still received the error.  Followed Mike's instructions to remove the section access, loaded the data, and the app opened with no issues.  I then placed the section access back into the application, loaded, and it was fine.


                  I published the new version out to the stream and it is working fine right now, but you are right regarding the newly generated app ID and users losing 'my sheets' and breaking other links/shortcuts.


                  Looks like the issue is around the section access, but be nice to pinpoint exactly what may trigger it.




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                      Pat Buchanan

                      I changed the Owner of the App to a different user through the QMC and it will let me open the app, but the daily reload task still failed each day but when I looked at the Download Script Log the task did actually work even through it shows as  Status of failed.  It also, would not let me Publish an update to the app from my work space, it just keep giving me the same unsupported file format error.


                      I ended up having to delete the app and publish a new copy of it from my work space.  Also, I did remove all spaces in my section access file.  I had pressed the tab key and space bar several times to get the columns to line up where I could read it better but found a post on the community that that could lead to the problem I was having.


                      I'm planning on upgrading to the June release which hopefully helps too.

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                  Emmanuelle Bustos

                  Hi everyone,


                  We have same issue with Sense November 2017, no Section Access, any idea what is causing this? We have no clue how to troubleshoot it.