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    Trouble making a Bar Graph

    Daniel Scipione

      Hello all,


      I will explain to you all the problem I am facing.  I am trying to make a bar graph with "Year" on the x-axis (2012,2013,2014,2015,2016, and 2017) and count of "active dealerships" on the y-axis.  Right now my dealer count is the same for every year.  This is because I brought in a master calendar because my data is not associated with any dates.  Only some rows of data have a dealer end date, which tells me when the dealer has closed.  If the dealer end date is null, it means the dealership is active, which I want to include in my graph.  My graph is suppose to show the amount of active dealers for every year.


      I tried this Set Analysis but it did not work.



      count({<dealer_end_date= {"1-$(= '>=' & '01/01/2012' & '<=' & '12/31/2012')"}, Year={2012}>} distinct dealer_code)


      That was just for year 2012.  I have to the same for the rest of years too. 


      Thanks for the help,