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    Combo-chart - how to ignore limitation when printing?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a combo chart to display different data on all the quarantine locations we have - there are many and not all are of interest - on some, there is next to nothing happening on any given day - so I have implemented a display limitation to show only the 10 locations where there is the most to show and sorted it accordingly.

      That is quite nice and gives an overview very quickly now. The trick is, I would like to show a detailed picture when exporting to Excel - so I would like to ignore that limitation and export the data on all the locations.

      Is that possible, or would I have to make a copy of the chart for this purpose?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,




      P.S.: I guess it would be possible to implement that limitation in another way to begin with - then I could use a button "print" which would first change a variable - which in turn would change the dimension of the chart to remove the limitation - and then start the printing ... I don't yet know how to do that because I apparently cannot nest a COUNT() inside a max() function ...

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          Antonio Mancini

          Hi Friedrich,

          You can use Rank in Calculated Dimension instead, like this

          =Aggr(If(Rank(Sum(Value),1,0) <= vMaxRank,Dim),Dim)

          where vMaxRank is variable set to 10

          Button set variable to 99999, then Export and Button (like Flip/Flop) reset to 10.

          If You can use macro


          Sub ExportToExcel
          set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vMaxRank")
          v.SetContent 1000,true
          set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")
          set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vMaxRank")
          v.SetContent 10,true
          End Sub


          Button executes this Macro.








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              Friedrich Hofmann



              thanks a lot!

              No, macros are not an option unfortunately - they are not allowed on the server, so only someone with a Named_User_CAL who can reload apps locally would be able to use them.

              I will try out that AGGR construct. I don't understand what the AGGR() actually does in this case, that's one of the things I want to learn going forward. I can kind of understand that IF_construct - if the RANK() function returns a rank higher or lower than that variable (a number 10 in this instance), one or the other dimension is used ...

              Best regards,




              P.S.: Hmm ... usually I always use a Textbox to test functions and find out what they do - but that doesn't seem to work for this function. With the parameters on top, I have no idea how to use this RANK() function ... I hope this will be part of an official training which I hope I'll get in my new job.


              P.P.S.: For starters, I will read the document available here in the Community ...