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    QV Cluster RAM Usage

    Олег Савельев

      Hi friends!


      Please tell me why the memory consumption does not decrease, even when the load on the cluster is minimal?


      At the moment in the cluster 4 nodes x 128 GB = 512 GB of RAM, a max number of concurrent sessions = 99, the max number of apps 5 application size about 500 MB on HDD.


      Using RAM Calculatos, utilisation of RAM could be ~ 60 GB


      The memory consumption varies between 80-100 %. Even in the time of a minimal number of users from 00:00-02:00 consumption remains the same.



      Why is the cache not cleared?


      Even set a fixed max time of inactive session - 20 minutes.


      Please help !!!


      Maybe I forgot something in the config file to change, something about caching?


      Thanks in advance.