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    How to allow users to publish to only one stream?

    Erik Korme



      I've tried to read as best as I can in the forum and documentation, but I cannot figure this out.


      We have two summer intern consultants, that are supposed to work with a couple of apps. We want to allow them to publish apps to a specific stream. All our other developer has both root and content admin rights, but we don't want to give such rights to interns.


      So I have two questions:


      1. How/where does "regular users" publish apps? In the documentation it is stated that all users by default can publish to "Everyone", but I can't see a Publish-button in the hub, and everything is grayed out for our regular users in the QMC.
      2. What rights do I need to grant on stream and app level to allow publishing of new apps?
      3. Are there other rules that can cause users only seeing all grayed out QMC?


      We're running Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.2.


      Thanks in advance!