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    Help addressing a mongodb database

    Fabrice HAUD



      I'm a new user of Qlik sense trying to load data from a mongodb database using the web connector mongodb. This database is populated with test results (json format).

      I succeed in connecting to the database and in loading data from a specific collection using the script hereafter:




          outcome  as Collection_outcome,






      The data I got are not detailed enough, for example for the document outcome:

      "outcome" : {
          "test_date" : "2016-11-22",
          "startTest" : "00:00.00",
          "endTest" : "00:00.00",
          "val" : 0,
          "msg" : "BS successfully configured, tested and calibrated."

      The data I got is a field "Collection_outcome" with the data: { "endTest" : "2016-12-09T19:34:20.000Z", "msg" : "TX oscillator error validation issue", "startTest" : "2016-12-09T19:32:28.000Z", "val" : 801 }.

      What I want to work on is to extract the fields "test_date", "startTest", "endTest" and "val" of each documents in my database.

      Is someone able to help me?


      Thank you.