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    Multi-node scenario: Load balancing rules to route the streams

    Luciano Dall'Antonia



      We were looking at setting up a two-node Qlik Sense environment where the central node's engine would serve most of the streams while a few of the streams would be served exclusively by the rim node.  (It is also a requirement that we use a single virtual proxy for a seamless user experience).


      We assumed this would be possible by adding both nodes to the load balancing section of the virtual proxy and then creating load balancing rules to route the streams, however we have run into a snag: the ResourcesOnCentralNode load balancing rule (which cannot be edited or removed) allows the central node to serve all streams. Is there any way to circumvent this?


      In other words, in a two machine multi-node scenario we cannot stop the Central node to serve all the application. Is that a correct statement?