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    Help needed to get data from AD

    Priyabrata Das

      Hi All,


      I am trying to connect to AD. The connection is successful but not able to see the database.

      Code :

      OLEDB CONNECT32 TO [Provider=ADsDSOObject;User ID=usename;Encrypt Password=False;Data Source=LDAP://Domain Name.Local;Location=LDAP://Domain Name.Local Mode=Read;Bind Flags=0;ADSI Flag=-2147483648] (XPassword is WcfUUGFMNLYYWUBIUbYGXYIGTBNKTcA);

      SQL select name, sAMAccountName FROM 'LDAP://Domain Name.Local; WHERE objectCategory='person' AND objectClass = 'User' ;


      Error :


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