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    Combo Chart - with 1 Dim and 6 Measures

    Mrutyunjaya Hiremath

      Hi Community,


      I am trying to create Combo chart with One dimension and Six measures;

      - Dimension - Month

      - 3 Measures - Regions

      - 3 Measures - Trend lines (Dashed straight lines)

      Also, I need to custom size the BARS, Show labels and Fill custom colors as you can see in the following image;


      As the same is not possible with Default combo chart, so somehow I achieved this using AmCombo chart Extension:

      Qliksense.Extension.amWaterfall/amWaterfall.js at master · NielsLindberg/Qliksense.Extension.amWaterfall · GitHub

      Now, Unfortunately, this extension is now not supported in my QS Server (some security issues),

      I also tried using Extension: SenseUI but it has its own limitation, as I can add only 5 Measures:

      GitHub - yianni-ververis/SenseUI-ComboChart: Qlik Sense Combo Chart

      Appreciate if Qliktech develop the same solution in existing combo chart object

      Is there any alternative solution / Extension to achieve the same. !!!