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    Qlik Sense : calculated dimension in a Scatter Plot

    Giuseppe De Vivo

      Hi all,


      I need to create a Scatter Plot in Qlik Sense with two dimensions and one measure.

      The measure is a counting of a Client Unique Code --> Count(Client_ID)

      The first dimension is a classification of a numeric Client's table column, for example: "<=0, > 0 and < 500, > 500 and < 1000, > 1000" that is a Client's Table calculated column.

      My problem is how to manage the second dimension that isn't a real column, but a result of a function.

      I try to explain it: in Client's Table i have some flag columns with values "0" or "1".

      For example, I have :

      - flag_column1 = 1

      - flag_column2 = 0

      - flag_column3 = 1


      In my Application, trought a specific form, I give to the user the possibility to choose a weight for each flag, for example...

      - if flag_column1 = 1 --> give weight 0.25 (chosen di by the user)

      - if flag_column2 = 0 --> give 0

      - if flag_column2 = 1 --> give weight 0.5 (chosen by the user)


      The result is that for Client 1111 i have the sum of the weight.

      Client 1111 has weight 3

      Client 222 has weight 2

      and so on.....


      I have calculated this results by an expression that checks if the flag is 1, and then assigns the weight.


      Now, I need to create a Scatter Plot with a weight classification like a dimension trought a funcion.

      But it isn't a column of a table "Client", and it's a problem creating the scatter plot.


      There are some work-around to do this?