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    How to connect Qlik N printing 17.4 to Qlik View server

    Rohit Kumar



      I am have two servers, one has Qlik view and one has Qlik N printing 17.4.


      I have different service accounts, I am not selecting CONNECTION REQUIRE AUTHENTICATION, Engine is ON, services in running fine, Service account has assigned CAL, I have checked in Qlik View on N printing server(It has no personal edition), I have added qvp:// IPAddressOfQlikServer/Test.qvw , then it is saying Account used to run Qlik N printing Engine has access to Qlik Server , I have double checked and the account which is running Engine service has access on document which is on Qlik View server.Both server are in same domain

      I have installed Engine with separate service account which has access to Qlik View server. Can you please help me to debug how to Connect Qlik N printing with Qlik View server


      Note: By Local option, I can connect to server document with UNC PATH, It is working and generating Cache


      I want to know how to work with SERVER TYPE option.


      My N printing version is 17.4


      Thanks in advance!

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          Chanty 4u

          in admin account nprinting add service account  .may be am not sure.

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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Hi Rohit


            First of all - did you go step by step through help document re NPrinting setup or at least connection setup?




            • What QlikView Server version are you using?
            • Is your Desktop version installed on NPrinting Engine Box the same as the QlikView Server version?
              • Is your version supported?


            Other information would be:

            • can you RDP to Engine as NPrinting account user
            • open QlikView Desktop
              • use open in server and navigate to application you want to use with NPrinting and open it
              • If you can successfully open it from there look at the top of the QlikView desktop window you will see the path you will need to use in your connection string


              • if you CANNOT open it the the issue sits in your configuration which can mean
                • no access to folder (to where QVWs are stored
                • no CAL
            • once you can open your document from there lets jump back to another topic
              • RDP to your QlikView server as a NPrinting account user
              • open localy document in QlikView desktop on this server and try to save it - see whether an NPrinting account user has enough privileges to save a document or overwrite a document created by different account on QlikVIew server
              • once above is tested successfully we can come back to account settings being:
                • read followin Topic where in few places i describe all requirements:
                • Re: Nprinting 17 server connection to a qvw
                  • one of requirements says - NPrinting account needs to be part of QlikView Administrators and Administrators on QlikView server!!!