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    NPrinting Ppt Utilizing Pages Questions

    Bobbi'Jean Milner



      I am using NPrinting to make a PowerPoint of my Qlik Sense Data and had a few questions.


      1) When using the page function to create multiple slides of the same image for like individual product lines is it possible to use that same page again on a separate sheet? I am running into the issue where I have the images I want on separate slides and then I placed the page "Product Line" on both slides, but then when I preview the report it only regenerates and creates multiple slides for pages on one of the images and not both set. Any reason for this??


      2) Is it possible to change the order as well? in a Powerpoint we are creating we have 2 separate pages created one for "Business Capability" and one for "Product Line" when we run the report, multiple pages are generated, however, the order is all business capabilities first then all product lines. We want it so it is like business capability first then all the specific product lines with that capability next and then the next business capabilities and so on.




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          Andy Weir

          I've not tried it yet but Perhaps you are looking at a mix of pages and levels to allow you to embed the products in the business capabilities.


          So have pages for the business capabilities and then wrap your product line charts and tables under a levels inside it.

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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Maybe the answer to your question no. 1 is:

            PPT Multiple Pages.png

            1. Select the first slide of the group
            2. Add the field you want to split slides in the Pages node
            3. Set the Slides property with the number of the first slide "-" the number of the last slide you want to add into the group of slides that will be repeated for each value of the field in the Pages node


            About question no. 2 the filed in the Pages node is referred to the slide you have selected at the moment you add the field in the Pages node. So, for example, if you select the slide no. 2 while adding the field Year in the PAges node, the slide no.2 will be repeated for each year. Then you can select slide no. 3 and add the Product Category into the Pages node. So slide no.3 will be repeated for each product category.



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