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    QlikSense NPrinting Questions

    Russell Glenn

      I have a couple questions that would be very helpful to me.


      1.) How do I use the page feature in NPrinting twice in the PowerPoint version. What I mean is, I want to sort by product line for some information that I build on a slide but then by product line for other information on another slide. So, slide 1 is the intro slide, slide 2 is the first one I want info for every product line. Slide 3 is different information, but I want it paged out by product line as well.


      I am able to get the page function working by different pages such as Product Line and Business Capability but when I try to use the feature for product line twice, it wont do it for all slides....only one or the other. Please help.


      In a totally different report...


      2.) I want to categorically sort my pages by business capability and corresponding product line. Currently, when I use the page function, I get a full list of business capabilities then a full list of product lines. Is there a way to get the product lines to correspond to their business capability instead of one list before another? Thanks so much.


      Thank you all so much...

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          1. If you want to use the page feature on multiple slides, you can do that in the properties panel for the page: How to Add Pages Cycled in Multiple Slides


          2. If you want to page thru multiple dimensions, you need to have a table that contains both of the dimensions, and then use that object as the page: How to Use Pages to Generate Individual Slides in PowerPoint for Each Combination of Multiple Field Values


          Note that these tutorials reference NPrinting 16 and QlikView, but they should still apply to NPrinting 17 and Qlik Sense. Please let me know if these do not resolve your issue.

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              Russell Glenn

              Hi Stephen,


              First off, thank you so much for getting back to me. I am working problem 1 currently, I only have one slide per product line information. The first one is slide 2. I know that when I preview the report, it will generate 8 slides because there are 8 product lines that the information is pulling from. Slide 3 is the other information and will generate 8 additional slides (if it is working correctly) of this product line information. Would I set the slide ranges at 2-9 for the first slide and 10-17 for the second.


              If it populates correctly, there should be a total of 17 slides not including the first introduction slide to the deck.


              I tried this and received an error stating "the preview does not support custom datasets". After this, I published the report and it did not work correctly when viewed without the preview either.


              I have yet to try your second recommendation and will post about that one as well.

              Again, thank you for sharing your expertise.