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    NP 17 add page to cycle multiple slides for Excel report

    Fion Xiong



      We are using NP 16 which has cycling. We send email to user for each entity, for example if one user has measure data for one entity, then in the email this entity report will be as an attachment. If the user has access to two entities, then in the email two separate Excel reports are attached. Obviously we are using cycle field feature in NP 16 to handle this.


      However we may need to work around on cycling for coming NP 17 upgrade, we got a help link from Qlik discussed about the work around. "There is a workaround to cycling in the meantime: https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-17517 "


      For Excel report, we can use either Page or Level. But, there are 8-10 slides in our report, I did not find any post if Page can be added to cycle multiple slides? I tried to add Page (entity field) to each slide, it looks so bad. For every slide, it cycled all entities.


      I found that PPT report can use Page to cycle multiple slides, although this is still not as good as current cycling which can build separate reports for same user, at least user can see n slides for first entity then n slides for second entity. If it is possible to add Page to cycle multiple slides for Excel report? Or, do you guys have any better idea how to deal with it?


      Thanks a lot.