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    Upgrade to Qlik Sense enterprise June 2017 failure

    Erik Wetterberg


      I'm trying to upgrade our Qlik Sense 3.1 iatnstallation to June 2017 release. I have gone through the instructions here:

      Upgrading and migrating from synchronized to shared persistence ‒ Qlik Sense


      When i start the actual installation from the command line (Qlik_Sense_setup_June2017.exe databasedumpfile=d:\QlikSense.dmp) everything seems fine for a while, but then I get an error message:


      I'm pretty sure I have given the same postgres password everywhere, so I don't think this is the actual problem. Has anybody any suggestions on how to solve this? I have tried to look in the log files (a large postgres and a smaller), but have not found anything yet.