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    Suggestions required on how best can we show phases of a project in QlikView

    Apoorva Dhulehole

      Hello Everyone,


      Need your suggestions on how best I can display the following requirement in QlikView.


      One particular project goes through three phases. And these phases have months as their values, which depict months in which a particular project undergoes that particular phase as shown in the below table. I would like to show something like, when does a particular project start (i.e., the "month" when it starts) followed by the "month" it enters Phase A, then "month" when it enters Phase B, then Phase C. How best can I display this in QlikView (I don't want to display this info in a straight table). Any chart that can visually give such an info when viewed? Is it possible to display something like shown in the attached picture? (though I doubt this is possible!)


      ProjectsStart DatePhase APhase BPhase C


      Any help on this?


      Thank you.