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    Qlik Scalablity tool performance counter

    Pankaj Thakur

      Hi Experts,

      I am not able to load performance counter data to my scalablity tools.

      Qvd is getting generated in QVD folder (PerformanceCounterQVD).

      this is because while loading there is condition that:



      LOAD * Inline [PCDummy];

      FOR EACH File IN FILELIST ('QVD\PerformanceCounterQVD\*.qvd')

      //Performance counters linked with TimeSlot ONLY. Used for Calendar time analysis

      Concatenate (PerformanceCounters)



      ProcessName & '@' & ServerName AS ProcessServer

      Where Exists(TimeSlot, PCTimeSlot);

      // Where Exists(%KEY_MachineTimeSlot);

      LOAD .........


      But there is no match between PCTimeSlot and TimeSlot

      so no data is picked from qvd.


      Please help on this if anyone is successful in using performance counter.


      Thanks and Regards,