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    Qlik sense returning changed values yesterday-today

    Juha Jaaksi



      Im trying to create a script for stock items.


      Lets say I have item A, B and C on stock and they have an column for availability. //Data gets loaded once per day.
      Item | Out of stock
      A | Yes
      B | No
      C | Yes


      So im trying to create an object for my dashboard which would show the changes on availability. Like if we have item B in stock yday and now its out of stock it would bring return that value and possibly a date when gone out of stock.


      In reality I have hundreds of products so I need to create an object which would allow me to see the changes on item level easily.


      My abstract logic is something like "get rows today()-1 where out of stock no" compare "get rows today where out of stock no" return !equal


      Thanks Guys!