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    Line chart overlapping lines for count - time

    Tyler Tollin

      As the title says, I am trying to create a line chart that has data representing the separate counts but they are overlapping.


      My data set has two relevant dates: Dates submitted and dates completed. Each line item has a value for each date. Because my workplace bases its reporting off of work complete, that is the dimension I set for the chart (so the x axis timeline scale is showing "Date Complete" which drills down Year(, Month(, and Day(). My Expressions are =count([Date Submitted]) and =count([Date Complete]).


      The lines are overlapping. I think this is because it is giving me the count based on the date closed, which would obviously be equal since there is a value in each. I want so show the spread for months/days, however. So on 1/1/2017 there may be 10 created, but only 5 completed, or something like that.


      This is probably just me being new to Qlikview; hopefully an easy fix, but I can't figure it out.




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