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    Set my own fixed X-axis value in a grid chart?

    Pontus Ågren



      So Im creating this grid-chart and I really want to have the following values in my X-Axis:

      - "<10"

      - "<20"

      - ">20"

      I want my graph to look something like the following graph:


      The nodes X values does not have the lesser than (<) or bigger than(>) symbols, they are just numbers spanning from 1-30 with no extra characters. Chosing only that field as the x-axis doesnt do it, ofc. I only want those three specified values, containing the symbols (< and >), in the X-axis.


      I feel like this should be a simple thing to solve, but I've tried for a while now without any succes...


      Sorry about the poor example, hopefully you understand what i'm saying


      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.