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    Partial Reload Help

    Marcelo Lapertosa

      Hi all,


      I have an invoicing report where I concatenate data from various Excel files and from my internal system through an ODBC link. The Excel files are very big as they have historical invoicing data.


      What I want to do in order to make load times faster is to when I use Reload or Partial Reload I only update the part from the system, without reloading these files as I rarely modify them. Any idea on how to do that?


      The system data is only the current month's information.

      I tried using ADD and REPLACE to this section in my script, but as you can see below (blue bars), ADD just duplicate the data that I had before for this section and REPLACE erases all data (even from the Excel files) and leave only the system data.



      QlikView Help5.png


      WITH ADD

      QlikView Help6.png



      QlikView Help7.png

        • Re: Partial Reload Help
          Wallo Atkinson

          You need to use an if statement with the IsPartialReload() function.

          With that you can do more than


          IF IsPartialReload()=True Then




          Load *

          From YourTable




          That way you can do other commands besides just ADD and REPLACE.

          You can do a concatenate to an existing table in the datamodel.