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    Scatter Plot

    David Pardoe

      I have a table which has some columns which are “cumulative”. Here are the columns in the table:

      Column 1: PERSON_ID

      Column 2:  Rowno(TOTAL)

      Column 3: rangesum(above(TOTAL Sum(indicator_flag),0,rowno(TOTAL)))


      Column 2 counts the number of people in the table cumulatively and Columns 3 does the same for an "indicator_flag" that is either 1 or 0 for every person.


      As columns 2 and 3 are cumulative expressions the values for each consultant depends upon the sort order of the table.


      I would like to plot columns 2 and 3 against each other – WITH A DEFINED SORT ORDER. It does not appear that I can do this. If I use cumulative expressions in the scatter plot object it appears to use an arbitrary sort order. Anyone know of any way around this?