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    Get dimension values not selected

    Victor Torres Jurado

      Hello Experts,

      I'm trying to display some data of a dimension that's not direct selected.


      Sample data:



      LOAD * INLINE [

          Emp, Section, Project

          Emp 1, Section A, Project 1

          Emp 2, Section B, Project 2

          Emp 3, Section A, Project 3

          Emp 4, Section A, Project 4

          Emp 5, Section B, Project 5

          Emp 1, Section C, Project 6

          Emp 7, Section B, Project 7

          Emp 8, Section D, Project 8

          Emp 9, Section A, Project 9

          Emp 10, Section B, Project 10



      I get these data:


      When I select some values from Section, I get:


      Is there any way to show (in another object) the Employees that are not related to selected sections?.

      In this case they would be Employees 3, 4, 8 and 9

      PS: I'm using QlikSense Desktop 3.2 SR4

      Thanks in advance